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Society and Health
University of Mississippi


The Minor in Society and Health is interdisciplinary and requires students to complete an application process before being accepted into the minor. It consists of 18 credit hours, including: MATH 115 or PSY 202; one of the two following courses – SOC 370/HON 315 or SOHE 329; and 12 credit hours from the following list of advanced social science and humanities courses. Students must take courses from at least two different departments when completing the last requirement of 12 credit hours of advanced social science and humanities courses. The same course may not satisfy requirements for both the major and the minor. Students who complete relevant internships, special topics, study abroad, or directed study courses must consult with the director prior to enrollment in the course for approval. Students must receive a grade of C or higher on all courses to be applied to the minor.

The minor requires students to complete Elementary Statistics (MATH 115 or PSY 202) during the first year due to the shift in competencies for medical school admission, the importance of statistics for health literacy, and the need for those skills in the advanced social science courses. It is also recommended that students take General Psychology (PSY 201) and Introductory Sociology (SOC 101) to complete the general education social science requirements.

The two advanced, foundational experiences are Society and Population Health (SOC 370/HON 315) and Medical Humanities (SOHE 329). Students must take at least one of these two courses. In Society and Population Health students learn about health disparities in Mississippi and the value of interdisciplinary and interprofessional teams in tackling these issues, and they make field visits to visit medical/nursing schools and public health programs. Medical Humanities is a combined readings and field experience course in a hospital setting to study the ethical, social, and cultural issues in medicine. Additionally, students must take advanced elective courses.

Advanced Courses (12 hours from at least two different departments): Checklist for SOHE Minor


  • PHIL 328/REL 328. Biomedical Ethics
  • REL 363. Religious Perspectives on Aging and Death
  • REL 388. Religion, Illness, and Healing
  • PSY 301. Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 311. Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 321. Social Psychology
  • PSY 410. Health Psychology
  • PSY 417. Disasters and Mental Health
  • PSY 460/GST 460. Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • PSY 465[565]/GST 465. Psychology of Gender
  • SW 326. Gerontology
  • SW 427. Psychosocial Aspects of Loss Death Grief
  • SOC 301. The Family
  • SOC 310. Sociology of Disability
  • SOC 311. Social Problems
  • SOC 345. Population Trends and Problems
  • SOC 370/HON 315. Society and Population Health/Explorations in Population Health
  • SOC411. The Environment, Technology, and Society
  • SOC 413. Race and Ethnicity
  • SOC 427. Social Stratification
  • SOC 455. Population Studies Applied Research
  • ANTH 349. Medical Anthropology
  • HST 427/490. Disease and Medicine in American History (***Please make sure the title of the special topics HST 490 course is the same as what is listed here***)
  • IMC 585/JOURN 585. Health Communication
  • NHM 311. Principles of Nutrition
  • NHM 323. Human Development
  • NHM 328. Child Development
  • NHM 417. Community Nutrition
  • LA 411. Elder Law
  • SOHE 301. Topics in Society and Health Abroad
  • SOHE 302. Topics in Society and Health
  • SOHE 329. Medical Humanities
  • SOHE 495. Society and Health Internship
  • SOHE 497. Directed Study in Society and Health