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Society and Health
University of Mississippi


The Minor in Society and Health focuses on the socioeconomic, cultural, and psychological factors associated with human health at multiple levels of society, coupled with their implications for ethical healthcare practice and policy. Students will develop an interdisciplinary social science and humanities based approach to understanding health and an appreciation for the value of interprofessional, team-based problem solving to improve healthcare and health outcomes.

As an interdisciplinary minor, there is an application process that students must follow to apply to be part of the minor. Interested students will need to have completed at least 6 hours of pre-approved SOHE electives to be eligible to apply to the minor. The application process consists of submitting a copy of their transcript, resume, and a personal letter. The personal letter should be about the student’s academic and career goals and aspirations and how it aligns with the Society and Health minor.

Applications for the minor will be accepted two times per academic year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Application deadlines will be announced every year.

     Fall 2023 Application due date: September 30, 2023

     Spring 2024 Application due date: February 29, 2024